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  • Bags and boxes


    Fresh flower arrangements in a bag or box. Medium – can be mixed flowers/ natives and can be made in a card box or hessian bag. Large/X-Large – can be mixed flowers/ natives in a card flower box. Please state your preferences of colour or flower choice in the Order Notes on the Checkout page,…

  • Beeswax candles


    Beehive beeswax candles handmade in Tasmania.

  • Boxed dried arrangements


    Please allow at least 2 days advance notice for this product. Luscious dried flower arrangement in a ceramic container. THE current trend! These beautiful individual arrangements contain an assortment of natives, wildflowers, preserved flowers and grasses, foliage, nuts, vines, feathers and gypsophila. Each piece is handmade and unique.

  • Chocolates


    Flowers and chocolates are the perfect match! Why not add a decadent treat to your order?Small: Mini pack of Lindt/Ferrero Rocher or similar Medium: Small bag of Lindt assorted or similar Large: Chocolate gift box (Lindt, Ferrero Rocher or similar) If you’d like us to include a specific brand or variety (e.g. milk, white, dark,…

  • Christmas baubles


    Handmade Christmas baubles. Each one is unique and contains a mixture of naturally dried, preserved and coloured grasses, leaves, flowers and petals. So pretty on the tree! See medium and large bundles to save if buying 3 or 10.

  • Colour-themed bouquets


    The classic round style bouquet usually includes roses with seasonal flowers that match the colour theme. (Subject to availability) Choose from one of our standard colour themes (specify your colour preference in the Order Notes on the Checkout page). Anne – White theme. Can include white gerberas, white lilies and white and green chrysanthemums, etc….

  • Crysanthemums


    Straight bunches of glasshouse chrysanthemums in 3 or 5 stem bunches. Bunches can be single colour (yellow, white, green, pink) or a mix of colours. Include your colour preferences in the Order Notes on the Checkout page. Gift wrap included.

  • Gerbera bunch


    Brighten someone’s day with a bunch of colourful gerberas! All bunches include a mix of colours and greenery

  • Indoor plants


    Locally grown established potted plant. Choose from medium or large indoor plant. Plants come gift-wrapped in a box or basket to suit. Plant size varies depending on variety. Varieties will change throughout the year. We only select the healthiest locally-sourced and toughest indoor varieties such as: Rabbits foot fern, Dracaena, Peperomia, Hoya, Monstera. (cyclamen currently…

  • Mini blocks


    Single flower with gyp, and/or small florals and green highlights in a wrapped custom base that holds moisture. Flower choices include gerberas (pictured), chrysanthemums, orchids and carnations. Specify your preference in the Order Notes on the Checkout page. Ideal as a small gift!

  • Mixed dried flower bunch


    These wrapped dried flower bunches are all unique, individually made by us and include an assortment of natives, wildflowers, grasses and nuts. We sometimes even add a preserved rose, a bit of misty or gypsophila. We adore making these one of a kind pieces! Style, size of bouquet, colour and flower choices vary weekly but…

  • Mixed seasonal bouquets


    These bouquets includes a mix of seasonal flowers. If you would like to request specific colours, please mention what you would prefer in the Order Notes on the Checkout page. Some examples of the flowers we usually stock all year round for this product include: Carnations Chrysanthemums Roses Gerberas Lillies  

  • Oriental Lilies


    If you’re after flowers that smell as beautiful as they look, you really can’t go past Oriental lilies. Our Oriental Lilies come in small or large bunches. Choose from pink, white or mixed (specify your preference in the Order Notes on the Checkout page). Gift wrap and foliage included. Note: Oriental lilies can trigger allergies…

  • Plant kokedama


    Each comes with a base or saucer and gift box. Smaller size (approx. 10-12cm ball) are usually created with hardy succulent varieties. Larger size (approx. 15cm ball) are usually created with suitable ferns, palms, indoor plant varieties. Kokedamas (meaning Japanese string ball) are easy care pot-less plant arrangements. They are handmade and each one is…

  • Presentation bouquets


    These bouquets are a modern, more dramatic, choice than the traditional round bouquet. They are forward facing with a ‘flat’ back, thus being viewed best from the front. Ideal for the ‘wow’ factor, celebration, graduation, retirement, etc. I have selected some pics of my signature styles for you. Please state your preferences of colour or…

  • Roses


    Nothing says “I love you” better than roses. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day – get some for that special someone today! Available in: Single – single long rose with gyp or misty. Small – 3 long roses with gyp or misty and foliage Medium – 6 long roses with gyp or misty…